Do Journalism and Content Marketing share the same objectives?

The ongoing transformation in which Journalism has been involved in search of new clues to achieve the so-called Digital Transformation may lead to a converging point where they would meet brands and companies with their Content Marketing strategies. While traditional media are constantly waging a war to achieve revenues through the informational process, we can […]

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Facebook quiere ser la nueva televisión

The box is no idiot: Facebook will make television-like content

It surprised us all when tech giants entered the contest in the area of audiovisual productions – whether it was aimed at the big or small screen. Amazon and Netflix, for example, produce now enough content to make us all see it as a normal thing. But now, that disruption phase (or intrusion if you […]

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Instagram en colaboración con

Instagram will allow you to notify when content is paid

Instagram has been, virtually since its origins, a slave to branded content from companies and has been driven (due to its characteristics) to the use of influencers in their campaigns. It is a sure thing that it is part of its DNA, and now the social network has announced that they will allow, equally to […]

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Edward Hess’ “the Four E’s”, or how the new CEO must be

The unstoppable advance of technology, and especially artificial intelligence, will be an unprecedented change within the workplace hierarchies, and therefore, it will also change jobs in the near future. Disruptive technologies as the one mentioned, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, will be the cause why a lot of jobs that are eminently physical will be […]

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MOM: nuevo Modelo de Márketing operativo

What is the new Marketing Operating Model?

Quickness and quality of the customer experience have a heavier weight on the expectations that each customer has when buying a particular product or receiving some kind of service. The level of demand, therefore, is higher for companies every day that goes by. Technology is a crucial element and that is why the experts from […]

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